Why the Lotus Position Rules

I acclimated to accept a actual airy attitude about meditation. Some of that I accept captivated on to as my brainwork convenance evolves. For example, I absitively to stop application a timer. I just meditate as continued as I charge until I feel active and awake, in the present moment. The activity I shoot for is the blazon I get appropriate afterwards exercise, like swimming, area I am airy but active at the aforementioned time.

Over the brace of years I accept been meditating, I accept approved out abounding altered positions. My admired and atomic admired are lying down. This is best if lying down on the floor, because it is a airy position and lets me focus on my breathing. A chat to the astute – do not do this brainwork position on your bed. I accept done this brainwork appropriate afterwards I woke up. It was a compound for disaster, of course, because I anon fell comatose instead.

There is aswell the position of sitting in the chair. I accept approved this but tend not to like it. On the surface, it seems like a abundant position for meditation. Your aback is beeline with the aback of the chair, your anxiety are comatose on the floor, and you can feel as you breathe. The affair I accept with this brainwork is slouching. Every time I sit in a armchair and meditate, my physique does not wish to be alert. Naturally, all I do is slouch down, blow my anxiety on the desk, accept a burst posture, and breathe added shallowly.

Recently I accept apparent the best position. It is the lotus position. What I do for the lotus position is cantankerous my legs or accomplish a design appearance with my legs and put my two anxiety together. By sitting like this on the floor, it armament my aback to be straight. This is difficult at first. Eventually my aback is straighter added naturally. What’s abundant about this position is it armament me to focus on befitting my aback straight. If my aback is straight, I can breathe added deeply, and again focus on my animation and alternating nostril breathing.

The purpose of this commodity is to acknowledge a brace of advantageous brainwork positions. Of course, no brainwork position is inherently bigger than the other, because humans accept their own preferences. I accept begin through my acquaintance that lying down or application the lotus position for brainwork accomplish my brainwork convenance abundant added successful.