Natural Padparadscha Sapphire

Padparadscha (also spelled padparadschah) is a pink-orange azure or corundum, with a low to average assimilation and ablaze tone. The name derives from the Sinhalese chat for lotus blossom. The petals of the finest lotus blossoms (nelumbo nucifera) are a alloy of orange and pink. It is originally getting mined in Sri Lanka, but it can be begin aswell in deposits in Africa and Vietnam. Padparadscha or frequently alleged “pad” or “pod” in the barter is awful admired and is acutely rare. It’s amount per carat is generally added than that of diamonds. It can aswell be 20 times rarer than a diamond!

Padparadscha (pronounced padpa-rad-scha) acclimated to be a subvariety of ruby. Along with rubies, two of them are the alone blazon of corundum gemstones to be accustomed their own name. Padparadscha sapphires are one of the world’s a lot of big-ticket gems. The prices are agnate to those fetched by accomplished rubies or accomplished emeralds. Padparadscha is apparently rarer than accomplished Burma Ruby. Since an admittance is added arresting in the padparadscha sapphire, the gems tend to appeal a greater accuracy than an agnate ruby. Padparadscha azure that is greater than 2 carats is a absolute aberration and if it is begin aloft 5 carats can be advised a world-class gem.

The rarest of all padparadschas is the accustomed variety, with no assurance of treatment. A accustomed padparadscha is a aerial blush that is a aggregate of red/pink and orange and the best specimens are from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). In the American Museum of Accustomed History is what abounding accede to be the world’s better accomplished padparadscha. When affairs a padparadscha, you should accomplish abiding that the agent is from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) which is red/pink and orange in blush and the agent mentions that the gem is “genuine” or “natural”. Since accomplished padparadscha sapphires are abundant rarer than diamonds, celebrities accept been afresh proposing with padparadscha sapphires instead of the archetypal diamonds.

Sapphire is listed as the September birthstone, for added advice about padparadscha azure or any corundum gemstones, you can appointment my website.